Laser hair removal is increasingly popular but there are still a few common misconceptions. We answer them here. There’s a growing trend amongst both men and women to seek a more long-term solution to remove and reduce unwanted hair and using lasers is currently the most effective solution. Most parts of the body can be treated, including the face, neck, bikini line, underarms, forearms, legs, chest and back and we see some very effective results in our clinic. There are a few questions that commonly crop up in our consultations.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

You may feel some discomfort during treatment, which feels a bit like an elastic band being snapped against the skin. Many clients say that the treatment is much more comfortable than they expected and far less painful than waxing or threading.

Does the treatment take long?

It depends on the area being treated but we usually allow between 30 and 90 minutes. However, this can be a huge time-saver in the long run when you think of all those shaving or waxing sessions that you’ll be able to miss!

Is laser hair removal permanent?

No method of hair removal is totally permanent but laser hair removal is the most effective method available. In some cases, treatment can see a permanent removal of unwanted hair but most people see a reduction in hair growth of around 60-95% after a full course of treatment.

Is it costly?

Laser hair removal starts at £50 per session depending on which area of the face or body you wish to treat. It’s worth bearing in mind that this initial cost is paid back in the time and effort you will save on traditional hair removal methods – not to mention the inconvenience!



Our experienced clinicians offer an initial free consultation where we will listen to your concerns and discuss the most appropriate course of treatment. This will be tailor-made to suit your individual requirements and we will endeavor to explain all procedures in detail and answer any of your questions.

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